Butterflies of Southern Indiana

It has once again been quite a long time since I posted any images to my blog. My life is just incredibly busy and trying to find the time has been tough. But I have captured so many butterfly images I thought it was about time to catch up.

The butterfly population started out on a slow pace due to the late freezes we experienced this spring but long about the middle of July things really exploded.

This round of butterflies were captured close to home here in Madison Indiana. We are so blessed to have so many quality habitats for both Butterflies and Wildflowers that it kinda makes it pretty easy to capture so many wonderful images.

Big Oaks NWR, Splinter Ridge FWA , Muscatatuck NWR and believe it or not the grounds around my place of employment Kings Daughters Health are rich in butterflies and wildflowers as well.

So sit back and take in the natural beauty that surrounds us here in the Madison Indiana area.

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