Viceroy (Limenitis archippus)

Another one of the cool butterflies that make their home in the Madison Indiana area is the Viceroy.

The viceroy butterfly is a brush-footed butterfly. It is dark orange with black veins. A row of  white spots lines its wings. Its color and pattern mimics the Monarchs pattern, except for a black horizontal stripe that crosses the bottom of its hind wings.

The viceroy is found in most of the United States and in southern Canada. The viceroy is also found throughout Indiana. The viceroy lives in meadows, marshes, swamps, and other wet areas with willow and poplar trees.

The viceroy caterpillar eats the leaves of willow and poplar trees. The viceroy butterfly eats carrion, fungi, and the nectar of flowers from the Asteraceae family like golden rod, thistles, and asters.

The viceroy mates in the late afternoon. Females lay their eggs on the tips of the leaves of poplars and willows. There are usually two or three broods of viceroys born each season. I nearly always find viceroys around these trees

Hope you enjoyed the images and info and thanks for stopping by !!

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