Bald Cypress Trees

You really don’t think of Cypress trees in Indiana, but we do have quite a few here in the southern part of the state. From the southwestern swamps along the Ohio and Wabash rivers to the the sloughs and wetlands of the Muscatatuck NWR southern Indiana boasts a sizeable population of Bald cypress trees.

Along with our other native hardwoods cypress trees really show their true colors in the fall and being in close proximity to water you are always going to be able to capture beautiful reflections of the wonderful trees.

All of the these images were captured at the Muscatatuck NWR near Seymour Indiana a 8000 acre wetland that is a favorite spot for bird watchers and photographers. But it also plays host to a large population of bald cypress that put on a beautiful show of color every fall.

So if you ever in the mood to explore a southern swamp but don’t want to drive to Florida or Louisiana try one of southern Indiana’s many swamps for the next best thing.

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