Ghost Woods | Madison Indiana

Wonderful today snow this weekend…. It is becoming the story of my life right now, I feel like I am reliving the scene out of the movie BraveHeart with Mel Gibson,  where he tells his soldiers hold hold hold, at least they are getting their frustrations let out in combat lol !!

So I guess I can let out some of my frustrations with another winter image I captured this past winter here in Madison Indiana. I guess it is better than not posting anything at all and I know it will get better but in the meantime more winter !!

I know this type of image doesn’t appeal to everyone because of the blurred nature of the composition, but I really like experimenting with my photography and I love the ghosting effect that using this method gives you.  Just simply shooting at f/11 on a cloudy day then just quickly panning the camera up and down just a couple inches at a slow shutter speed can result in images like this. Like I said not everyone’s cup of tea but I kind like it and it’s fun getting the different results.

Hope you enjoy viewing my work and thanks for stopping by, eventually I may even be able to post some wildflowers from here in Southern Indiana, if we ever get spring !!

                                                                                                                                                      lichen 1 2014


Winter in Downtown Madison Indiana

Reached the 70’s today and with spring inching it’s way closer and closer to us I thought I might keep posting more images from this past winter before it gets too warm. Even though the winter was pretty harsh I was able to come up with quite a few images in between snowstorms and sub zero temperatures.

Spent a lot of time photographing downtown Madison Indiana this past winter, not for any real reason except that I live downtown and could walk to most of the places I shoot lol !!

I converted an awful lot of my images to black and white this winter not for any real artistic reason but maybe just the fact that was the mood that I spent most of my winter in, whatever the reason most of my winter photography tends to end up that way and I kinda like the results.

The first image I captured  at night of Main Street during one of our many snows that we endured,  I really liked the dark and isolated feel to this one, being that cold and late not much was going on anyway so it kinda helped out the mood.

The second I took one morning after a snow from on top of a hill overlooking downtown towards the Power plant. The fog was drifting off the Ohio River partially obscuring the power plant, I also liked the roofs of all the buildings in the foreground adding scale to the photograph.

So here you go just a couple more shots from  my hometown and the wonderful winter we enjoyed this past year…wink wink !!!


                                                                                                                                                                         ice storm 1 2014

frosty morning 1 2014


Madison Indiana Winter

I just had a weird idea maybe if I post more pics of the winter we have experienced here in Madison Indiana then maybe karma will strike and spring will arrive faster  for us…..Nah but you can dream can’t ya !!

Oh well here a couple more from this past winter anyway, hope you enjoy them because I really didn’t !!


                                                                                                                                                                              march snow 2 2013

march snow 1 2013

The End of Winter

Don’t I wish, just kill it off or a natural death would work as well but this is truly starting to depress me and if it doesn’t change soon I am really going to be hard to live with lol !!

Winter Sucks !!!!!!

I guess you can see from the title I am more then a little tired of the horrible winter that won’t seem to end !! After five months of cold snowy weather my whole physical being is crying out for a change, long cold winter days and the drab monotone landscape is taking it’s toll on my photography !!

Sure I have been able to photograph quite a few winter landscapes but enough is enough, by this time last year I had already shot enough wildflowers to fill three cards and it seemed like it was going to be an endless spring,  I guess paybacks are for real lol !!

Looking at the long term weather reports it  looks like there is not going to be any real warm up in our future and as I sit here it is snowing again.

I am in need of some real warmth along with an actual day outside in the sun, I can only imagine what those poor souls go thru near the Arctic Circle when they have to endure those long winter nights. Ar least we didn’t get the brutal cold that some of neighbors to the north had to deal with but it still doesn’t make me feel any better !!

I actually had many images to share with you over the winter but I became so sick and tired of it all I really didn’t want to have to look at them any longer than I had to !!

So here are a couple of shots I hope you enjoy I sure haven’t lol !!


                                                                                                                                                                                abandoned winter 2 2013


                                                                                                                                                                                         winter thistle 3 2013

Dark Fall

Here is another photo I shot this past fall at Clifty Falls State park near Madison Indiana. With this shot I wanted to try something a bit different with my photography and I think I got it with this one.

Usually Fall photography tends to consist of colorful and vividly striking images, but this one I wanted something a little more dark and foreboding, so I concentrated on just  the trunks of the trees beneath the foliage and stayed away from the beautiful colors that grace the trees this time of year. I also added a slight tilt shift blur to the overall image to come up with I think is a pretty cool image.

So even if you go in into a shoot thinking you have to stick with what nature and all the other photographers are shooting try thinking a little outside of the box and go after that shot that can set you apart from all the other photographers in your area.

Thanks for taking the time stop by and take a look at my blog hope you have a wonderful weekend and get out and get that shot !!


                                                                                                                                                                      fall clifty 2 2012



New Snow

Here is another shot from one of our recent snows, this shot came from Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana,  the south road that leads up from the Ohio River Valley into the park was shrouded in a cathedral of snow which made for a great image.

The wind was very still which left  about 4 inches of wet snow clinging to all the tree branches the effect of this is really beautiful and makes for a great photograph.  What I am looking for now is a bit of a thaw followed by heavy snow, this will fill up the creeks and waterfalls at Clifty and then with snow on top of that you can’t ask for better winter photographic opportunities, but I am sure I am asking for too much !!

As long as it doesn’t get too cold this is another one of my favorite times of the year to get out and shoot it’s when the thermometer starts dropping toward that zero mark is when I will pack it and just watch basketball in the warmth of my home lol !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and when the next snow comes be sure to get out with your camera and find someplace to go for hike, you can come with some really beautiful images !!



                                                                                                                                                                                          winter 2 2012