Madison Regatta Fireworks

It’s been a few months since I was able to post some images to this blog, actually I could have done it before, just have so many places other than here this blog always seems to be the last place I post lol !!

Even though I live here in Madison Indiana,in my old age, I have tended to become more of a recluse. Spending my free time by myself with my camera or with my family, but this year I decided to step out and visit some of the Madison Regatta events for a change.

I must say they did put on quite a show and I really enjoyed the festivities. From the Parade, to the Roostertail Music Festival and culminating with the Fireworks. We had a wonderful time and fully intend on catching all the events next year especially the boat races. I kinda missed them since I spent all my daytime hours photographing Butterflies !!

So next year I would highly recommend visiting Madison and attending all the wonderful festivities that the Madison Regatta puts on !!

Madison Indiana Fireworks

I photographed these fireworks from the Ohio River bridge over the fourth of July weekend. It was a great view for them and and even more unique spot to capture their beauty !!

Sunset on the Ohio River

Been over two years since my last post many things in my life have changed, things I can share later but for now I just wanted to figure out how to use my blog again.

So here is a pic from the Ohio River bridge a few days back hope you enjoy !!


“Madison Indiana Fireworks”

Thought I might share a few images from the Fireworks from last Saturday Night here in Madison Indiana. It was actually still a bit too hot for me to venture out to photograph the annual fireworks in my home town but the lure of an image or two puled my from the comfort of my 72 air conditioned home out into the 100 degree early evening heat.

I wanted to try to be a little different and add something else to the regular fireworks pics, I wanted to add something of my hometown to give it a sense of scale. I started with the Old Courthouse but the fireworks were just too far away, from there I walked toward the river and came up with these shots looking down Jefferson street towards the river.

I stood in the median on Highway 421 to get these and after firing off a few I was asked kindly by the local police to move along, now what kind of trouble could little old me create standing in the middle of a busy highway cause  lol…I understood and it was no big deal they were just doing their job. But I did manage to get some cool shots from that position and these are the ones I liked best !!

Shooting the fireworks were a blast but it just wasn’t the fireworks that made for the great shots , shooting at night can be very rewarding for you if use long exposures , a  sturdy tripod and a remote release, so if your looking for something new to add to your photography portfolio try shooting at night !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and for best viewing click on the image for it’s largest size !!







“Madison Indiana Fireworks”

Well it was a cool wet weekend in Madison for the Regatta and Fireworks, but I still made a reasonable attempt at finally getting  a few fireworks shots. As the Fireworks began a very heavy rainstorm broke out dampening the festive activities for the evening, many people left for home and the fireworks were shortened to get them in.

The lowering clouds further obscured the display making it very dificult to view let alone photograph. But I used a an old feed mill for my shelter and shot these from a third story window, keeping me warm and dry, they weren’t the greatest images of fireworks ever attempted but I was happy with my first experience shooting them.

I am hoping this is the sumer I got my first fireworks and lightening images, so now maybe I can come across a big storm and get them both.

regatta fireworks 1 2009

regatta fireworks 2  2009

regatta fireworks 4 2009

regatta fireworks 5 2009