Fall at the Broadway Fountain in Madison Indiana

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit Madison Indiana. With all of the wonderful hardwood trees that line our streets and the wooded hillsides of the Ohio River valley that surround our town, it’s no wonder Madison has become such a wonderful place to come visit and enjoy all of the amazing sites.

One of the most beautiful sites is the Broadway Fountain a wonderful spot where many community activities take place. The Farmers Market, Music in the Park, Weddings and a host of many other things happen here.

These images were not all taken this year they have come from the last few years during the fall season.

One of Madison’s landmarks, the original Broadway Fountain stood in the middle of Broadway for almost 100 years before it was dismantled and replaced with the 1981 bronze copy or reproduction. The original Janes, Kirtland, and Company cast iron fountain was displayed at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. After the Exposition closed, the Madison Lodge of Independent Order of Odd Fellows purchased the fountain and presented it to the city in 1884.

French sculptor J.P.Victor Andre modeled the fountain’s design (Model #5 in the Janes, Kirtland catalog) after either one of the Place-de-la-Concord fountains in Paris or one at London’s Crystal Palace. It consists of three decorated tiered basins approximately 26 feet high and 35 feet across. Cartouches featuring the Odd Fellows symbol of three interconnected links adorn each side of the fountain’s octagonal base. Four tritons surround the base, with each creature holding a shell horn that spouts water. A classically robed female figure holding a rod sits atop the highest basin.

As part of the 1976 American bicentennial celebrations held across the country, the City of Madison spearheaded a major restoration effort, hiring Cincinnati sculpture Eleftherios Karkadoulias to reconstruct the entire fountain in bronze. The process took nearly three years as Karkadoulias disassembled the fountain and shipped each piece to his Cincinnati studio. There he created wax molds and reconstructed the fountain in bronze, a longer-lasting and sturdier metal. The reproduction fountain was dedicated in 1981. The only part of the original fountain that is still present in Fountain Park is a stone plinth that supported one of the original triton figures; it is set into the concrete at the south end of the central path as a base for a tablet that commemorates the replacement fountain.

The Broadway Fountain is one of four similarly designed fountains that Janes, Kirtland, and Company created. The others can be found in Savannah, Georgia (seen in the movies Forrest Gump and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil); Poughkeepsie, New York; and Cusco, Peru.

The Broadway Fountain Park contributes to the historic significance of the Madison Historic District, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark. The info on the fountain is from the National Park Service hopefully I didn’t mess it up or make a mistake copying it, I am not a writer and it is starting to get late.

When you plan your fall travels make sure you make a trip to Madison and a great place to start would be here at the fountain.

Madison Indiana Fountain

fountain 1 2018

Since my last post contained way too many words here is a quick shot of the Broadway Fountain in Madison Indiana.

Broadway Fountain

fountain at night 3 2017

Here is one of my takes on the Broadway Fountain probably the most photographed site in Madison Indiana. I could probably go on and on with info about the fountain and will do it in the future but for now just thought I might share one of my favorite images of the hundreds I have captured from this historic site !!

The park itself is used for everything from weddings to music and is a cool stop on a summer day.The fountain is a beautiful piece of architectural work and is a must see when visiting Madison.

Hope you enjoy the image and thanks for stopping by to take a look !!

“Swine Flu and Photography”

Now was that a catchy title or what..

I guess my family has now joined the exclusive worldwide Swine Flu club this past weekend. I say guess because we were told by the Doctor he was positive we had it but the test came back negative(go figure) so now after plunking down a lot cash we now have Tami Flu as part of our dietary regiment.  High temps, body aches and being lethargic(my wife always calls me that and now I know what it means) was the big giveaway symptoms so I will go with the medical establishment and take their advice.

I looks like my son and I will be spending a lot quality time watching Sponge Bob Square pants and Star Wars over the next few days and generally being lethargic. The bad part is no photography either and wouldn’t it figure that the weather has been and remains absolutely perfect for the first time in weeks and I will be stuck in the house !!

Seriously though I am really not making light of this subject I know there are a lot of people who contacted this virus and become seriously ill or even died and I am not making fun of that at all, it’s just with all the media hype and fear that has been associated with this I knew when we got it(we always catch everything) I would have to write a post about the experience just to let people know it will be alright and you will get thru it.

And hopefully my family and I will not suffer any complications from it and can move on with our life and get ready to take on whatever new calamity will be coming our way !!

Oh and for the photography part of the title, with a little down time on my hands I think I might get caught up on all the images I have gotten behind on. I shot this one of The Broadway Fountain in Madison Indiana not long ago I went with a horizontal comp just to try something a little different any thoughts or suggestions would be great !

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

For best viewing click on the image !!

Madison Fall 1 2009

“Hurricane Hits Madison Indiana”

As crazy as the title implies that is exactly what happened Sunday September 14, after slamming the Texas Gulf Coast, the Remnants of Hurricane Ike made their way North East up thru the Ohio Valley bringing sustained winds of 50 mph with gusts of 80 mph.

The storm uprooted thousands of trees shutting the power off to half a million people from Paducah Kentucky to Cincinnati Ohio, I lost power from Sunday afternoon to Early Saturday morning. Damage in my neighborhood was limited to tree damage and shingles being blown off roofs, other homes were severely damaged by uprooted trees and even roofs being completely blown off structures.

Luckily only minor injuries were reported in our area but I believe there was a loss of lives in Kentucky from the winds, some of those big limbs and trees could really cause some serious injuries and even death if you would have happened to have been in the wrong place.

Losing power for a week was not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be, we had great weather and good neighbors, some people were losing their patience with the Duke Energy repair men but I thought they did a wonderful job considering the incredible scope and size of the blackout.

We were able to get warm water and hot food so the time we spent without power wasn’t that bad, being without the Internet and other electronic gear was the biggest drawback but we got thru it with candles and board games. It wasn’t something I would not want to experience in the heat of summer or the cold of winter but it was definitely not the end of the world and we all seemed to work thru it all right.

I shot quite a few images of the damage so I thought might share a few with you if I can figure out how to use my computer again.