Sunset on Main Street

main street night 1 2016

I captured this image of the sun setting on main street in downtown Madison Indiana last year. I used a long exposure to get the blurred effect of the car lights to add a little interest to the image.

I found a high vantage point to get above the subject and also to create a line to carry my eyes thru the image.

Thanks for taking a look hope you enjoyed the image !!


Madison Indiana Fireworks

I photographed these fireworks from the Ohio River bridge over the fourth of July weekend. It was a great view for them and and even more unique spot to capture their beauty !!

Sunset on the Ohio River

Been over two years since my last post many things in my life have changed, things I can share later but for now I just wanted to figure out how to use my blog again.

So here is a pic from the Ohio River bridge a few days back hope you enjoy !!


Another Tornado Video

One more…this is the Henryville Tornado, my sister lives in this small Southern Indiana Town, although she escaped  without any damage many people on this March day did not !! The storm moved just south of us here in Madison but as I was picking my son up from school that day we were able to witness the super cell above it and also witnessed the debris falling all around us as the storm churned to our south.

It has been interesting going back and viewing these videos and reliving the memories of that stormy March day and of April 3 1974 as well. Hope you find this educational and it how serious these storms can be. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!


Madison Indiana Artists

I have spent a lot of time on this blog talking of the virtues that Madison Indiana and the  surrounding area have been for my photography work  and for the great places to see when you visit, but now I would like to talk about a few of my friends who are incredible artist in their own right.

I will try to share few with you every now and then and show you a sample of their work and a link to their sites. There are far too many to share in one post so tonight I will start with one that is a favorite and a good friend as well.

Eric Phagan is a Madison resident who has studied from Paris to North Carolina and is represented by well known galleries and has actually opened his own gallery in Madison  named  Gallery 115 you can check out the pics and other info from the link I provided.

Gallery 115

Here also is his website with his artist statement and biography    

Eric Phagan Art

I am not a true student of Art but I do know what I like and Eric’s work is definitely a favorite of mine. If you are in the area you should really take the time to visit his gallery on Main Street in Downtown Madison Indiana.  It’s a wonderful place to view his beautiful work and they have a great Cafe as well that serve sandwiches and desserts, Eric is always around as well and is very accessible with a great personality.

So here are a few samples of his work starting with his paintings and ending with his sculptures.


                                                                                                                                                                                    eph art 1 2012




                                                                                                                                                                                          eph art 4 2012


                                                                                                                                                                                         Pha art 14 2012


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pha 1


                                                                                                                                                                                        Pha 2a

Pha 2


“Madison Indiana Sunset”

Thought I might share an image I shot a few years back from the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, a thunderstorm had just rolled thru and the sun was dipping under the horizon, of course I did add to the saturation a bit but the image pretty much stands on its own for realism.

Madison Indiana is a great place to live if you are a photographer, from nature to portrait and architectural to fine art, Madison pretty much has all the bases covered for a great photography experience !!

So if you  are ever looking for a place to sharpen your photographic skills give Madison a shot and enjoy all the other amenities that we have in our area, you will be glad you made the trip !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!







West Street Art Center

I thought I might share a hidden treasure from here in Madison Indiana, a friend of mine has steadily been building  quite a reputation  with his West Street Art Center, the gallery has been hosting artists from all over the region  and the shows he has promoted have been a wonderful success for artists that grace the walls of this unique and beautiful facility.

Peter Ellis is the owner operator and in his short stint as the gallery curator he has brought a diverse  mix of mediums to the people of Madison and the surrounding area that might not have had a venue  within our community.

The lists of Artists that he has hosted in his gallery is as fine as any gallery in Indiana and the Region from Lawrence Rudolech, Robert Saueressig and Richard James to Leticia Bajuyo  all  of these wonderful artists have shown their work at the West Street Art Center.

I had a great night not to long ago shooting Richard James show, Richards work is unique and thought provoking and made for wonderful subjects to photograph, hopefully I was able to capture the beauty of his work and convey it here for you to enjoy.

The West Street Art Center will be holding many more events in the coming months and I will try to keep you up to date on the times and Artists that will be profiled and maybe if you live in the region you can make your way to this unique gallery for an event.

The images I have showcased here came from Richard James show, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.