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“Survived the Swine Flu”

After ten days and countless hours in bed I think I have finally put the worst behind me, if they were right and  my son and I both had the swine flu I will have to disagree  with the assertion that it is harder on the young than the old, my son struggled with it a bit but it put me down really hard !!

I hope this puts to an end the flu season for me and my family but I know the odds of that happening are slim to none, after a couple of years of relatively flu free winters this could end up being a nasty year !!  So now it’s wait and see what next strain will come calling and how bad it will be, it doesn’t help that my son is in Elementary School, my wife works in a hospital and I coach High School Basketball. Can’t run and hide from it when you have that many possible exposures !!

Moving on to something a little more pleasant Scott Thomas at has a monthly assignment on his blog, and this months assignment is what November means to you and to me it means fall color !!

I shot this one a few November’s back and really loved the curve in the creek and the colorful leaves sprinkled all thru out the image. Take a look at Scott’s Blog there is a lot of great shots there and some very informative posts. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look hope you stay healthy and flu free this year !!

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“Clifty Falls Color”

Here is a couple more shots from last week when I had a chance to get out before the fall colors were blown away.  Both of these shots came within a few yards of each other, the top one on one of the staircases that lead down to Clifty Creek and the other was just along the loop road that travels thru the park. At this point the weather conditions were optimal but windy and rainy weather set in later that day and downed most of the leaves in the park, without this one day my entire fall would have been a bust but sometimes things go right and you can get it right and fill your card with a bunch of images.

There are just a few trees left here and there but I have a feeling it’s going to be winter very soon, one of my least favorite times of the year, and hopefully the winter won’t be miserably cold I can take the snow but the cold gets worse the older I get.

I hope you had a great fall and were able to capture some great images,thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Clifty Falls stairs fall 1 2009

Clifty Road 1 2009

“Fall Waterfalls”

Well the fall has pretty much come and gone, lots of rain and high winds put a quick damper on the Fall Leaf display, I was able to get a few shots but didn’t even close to what I had planned on getting this year.  I was able to make a quick trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and I came back with a few nice shots. The leaf display here never really lived up to the expectations that I had for them this year,shows what I know, and the high winds and rain took them out before I even had a chance to really get out and work them.

But all in all it wasn’t a total wash and I got a few shots from here in Madison Indiana, Clifty Falls State Park and the GSMNP, so as time permits I will share them here with you and if you have any time, I would love any feedback you could add to them.

This shot came from Littler Clifty Falls, I had some limbs in the FG that were impossible to move or clone out so I am hoping that don’t hurt the image too much. I also had to shoot from the walkway along the top of the falls and could only get an over the edge type of perspective, which I thought added a neat touch to the scene, we had a lot of rain their night before which stained the water a  bit and had knocked many of the leaves down. The light was really nice when I shot this, there was a strong yellow light that seemed to envelope the entire gorge and surrounding woods due to all the leaves that had that as a predominate color.

This was about the best day that I got to shoot, nice overcast skies and very little wind made for idea shooting conditions that day, one upside from all the rain meant water levels were high in the park which added to the fall colors.  Hope you enjoy the shot and if you have any feedback I would appreciate you sharing it, thanks for taking a look.

If you click on the image you will get a larger view as well.

Little Clifty Falls fall 1 2009

“Rock Water Abstract”

Here is another shot from my recent hike, I shot this right below Schoolhouse Falls in Southern Indiana, the color in the forest hadn’t really turned  yet but a few early leaves did happen to land on this rock which I thought added a lot of character to the scene.

The great thing about shooting in these canyons and gorges that surround our community is the fact there are just an amazing variety of shots you can get in just a short hike in this area. You can go for your classic large landscape waterfall shots like the ones I posted before or you can do more intimate abstract shots like the above or even work your way down to spring wildflower or macro leaf shots.

Just make sure you bring lenses to cover all your focal lengths and a tripod to work off of and then find yourself a beautiful place to work, I am sure wherever you live there is somewhere close by that you can photograph many of the same subjects I have in my area. Try to get out in the morning and evening or a cloudy windless day also look for the extraordinary in an ordinary world, shoot things other people overlook and you never know what you might find.

With Fall quickly approaching now is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and surroundings and bring home a few good images as well, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

You need to click on this one for the larger viewing size as well.

Rock abstract 1 2009

“Butler Falls”

Here is the other waterfall from my hike last weekend, this one does have a name and it’s Butler Falls, just outside Hanover Indiana near Madison. Butler Falls looks to be at 60-70 ft. tall with a really nice flow of water, the Falls is at the back of a canyon with the only way in or out is from the creek below, once again no easy way to get there so I would be wary of such an excursion.

This Falls is not real far from Hanover College and its 3 waterfalls that reside near the campus. I am hoping to take a hike into that canyon in the next couple of days to see how the water flow is and see if I could get a few images. The fall color looks to be coming along nicely and I am hoping for a decent amount color to photograph this year, hopefully it will stay wet and I could get a few waterfall and color images which would be great !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !

Click for larger size.

Butler Falls 1 2009

‘Fall in the Smokies”

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I am right in the middle of basketball season here in Indiana, and with coaching and all the other activities that go along with it has kept me extremely busy.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this is my last year and hopefully we can go out with a bang, we are currently 7-1 and rated third in the state polls and this team has the talent to win it all but of course pulling it all off is a tough thing to do. But it will all be over in March and then I can seriously devote all my free time to photography.

BTW…This is a shot from the Townsend area of the Smokies that I shot last fall, hope you enjoy it.