Two is company Three is Death !!

monarch 6 2018

Sometimes things hide in plain site and those things can be deadly !!

While photographing Monarch butterflies in a field of New England Asters the other day near my home, in Madison Indiana, I came across these two lovely Monarchs and followed them closely for about fifteen minutes.

I spent the entire time completely enthralled with their movements and feeding patterns. Even though the wind was blowing pretty steady at the time I was able to capture several good images from the shoot.

And as I said before sometimes things can hide in plain site, even though I spent considerable time observing these two wonderful gems little did I know that the grim reaper was at their door, in the form of a Carolina Mantis. It wasn’t till I got home and downloaded the images on my computer did I notice the beast.

Hard to believe an insect so ferocious and larger than life could have been right under my nose for so long and I never even had a clue. And that is probably why they are at the top of the food chain in the insect world. And we won’t even bring up their sex life lol !!

I worked the area with the Monarchs for around fifteen minutes and then moved on not knowing if the predator got it’s prey or whether the butterflies escaped with their life’s. I guess that is one of the many mysteries of nature.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

“The Praying Mantis up close and personal”

So I walk up on my front porch the other day and laying on top of my newly acquired mum was this huge praying mantis, naturally I ran for my camera so I could get a shot of this beast, and did I ever get some shots !!

Never had the patience to really shoot insects before but this beautiful specimen made it too hard to pass up, she just sat there like some kind of runway model and let me shoot away getting ever closer to her wonderful mug.

My son was really impressed with these shots since he is a ten year boy and the sight of this creature really made his day, he even pulled out his camera and shot of a few head shots of this wonderful insect himself.

It’s not often I get a chance to shoot such a wonderful subject from the comfort of my own front porch, but I am sure thankful that I got the opportunity to share a photo shoot with such a lovely in an insect sort of way lady !!

You definitely need to click on the image for best viewing on these !!