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Clifty Falls State Park Wildflowers | Wild Geranium

Three posts in a week how about that.  I am starting to get caught up again which is leaving me time to post here, problem is in mid July it will be starting again with the weddings, but hey it helps pay the bills !!

So here is another wildflower image, this time I photographed the Wild Geranium at Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana.  And once again since I am too lazy a description according to Wikipedia..

Geranium maculatum, the spotted geranium, wood geranium, or wild geranium is a woodland perennial plant native to eastern North America, from southern Manitoba and southwestern Quebec south to Alabama and Georgia and west to Oklahoma and South Dakota.[1][2] It is known as Spotted Cranesbill or Wild Cranesbill in Europe, but the Wood Cranesbill is another plant, the related G. sylvatium (a European native called “Woodland Geranium” in North America). Colloquial names are Alum Root, Alum Bloom and Old Maid’s Nightcap.

It grows in dry to moist woods and is normally abundant when found. It is a perennial herbaceous plant growing to 60 cm tall, producing upright usually unbranched stems and flowers in spring to early summer. The leaves are palmately lobed with five or seven deeply cut lobes, 10–12.5 cm broad, with a petiole up to 30 cm long arising from the rootstock. They are deeply parted into three or five divisions, each of which is again cleft and toothed. The flowers are 2.5–4 cm diameter, with five rose-purple, pale or violet-purple (rarely white) petals and ten stamens; they appear from April to June in loose clusters of two to five at the top of the stems. The fruit capsule, which springs open when ripe, consists of five cells each containing one seed joined to a long beak-like column 2–3 cm long (resembling a crane‘s bill) produced from the center of the old flower. The rhizome is long, and 5 to 10 cm thick, with numerous branches. The rhizomes are covered with scars, showing the remains of stems of previous years growth. When dry it has a somewhat purplish color internally. Plants go dormant in early summer after seed is ripe and dispersed.[2][3][4]

The plant has been used in herbal medicine, and is also grown as a garden plant. Wild Geranium is considered an astringent, a substance that causes contraction of the tissues and stops bleeding. The Mesquakie Indians brewed a root tea for toothache and for painful nerves and mashed the roots for treating hemorrhoids.[5]

Hope you like the description and the image thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!



wild geranium 1 2014 big oaks



wild geranium 3 2014 big oaks


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Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

Ok… so I am done with sharing the spring wildflowers from here in Madison Indiana and now it’s on to my all time favorite place to photograph wildflowers and that’s The Great Smoky Mountains National park !!

You would be hard pressed to find a better place anywhere in the United States or world for that matter that has a better bloom than the Great Smoky Mountains.  With the incredible varieties of flowers that bloom in the park it is almost impossible to capture all of them in one trip, but I really enjoy trying,  so I try to head to to the places that I have success in the past.  Porters Creek, Chestnut Top and the Cover Hardwood Nature Trail have all paid off for me in the past and I always try to work these trails every spring.

Here are three flowers form that trip…Shooting Star, Foam Flower and Wild Geranium.

I will share others as I get caught up and also a great bear story as well, hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

                                                                                                                                                                 gsmnp 2013 shooting star 1

gsmnp 2013 foam flower 1

gsmnp 2013 wild geranium  1

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Madison Indiana Wildflowers

Here is my last post on Spring Wildflowers shot at Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana. I photographed many more images from this spring but just so I can get caught on my Smoky Mountain wildflowers and my summer wildflowers from Southern Indiana I think it’s time to move on to other subjects.

I will start with the Wild Columbine and then the Yellow Violet and finally my favorite Blue-Eyed Mary.

I love the vast array of color that the flowers bloom in during the spring season it is always a great time to be able to get out and photograph after a long cold winter. Hopefully you enjoyed these and I can’t wait till next spring to get out and add more to my portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day !!



                                                                                                                                                                    wild columbine 3 2013



                                                                                                                                                                             yellow violet 1 2013




                                                                                                                                                                                             blue-eyed mary 3 2013

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“Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

It has been about three months since my last post, can’t tell you enough how busy I have been, I have a large amount of images to share with you so instead of a lot of words I will try to keep it simple and keep my mouth shut.

Had a nice spring and now I am busy with weddings and portraits, not getting enough nature shots but I am getting paid so that’s a plus !!

Got some nice shots from Clifty Falls State Park starting with this Wild Geranium, I really liked the petals facing the differing directions in this one, any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.

Well that’s it no more talking hopefully you are dong well and staying out of trouble, I have quite a few to post so I will try to get them up here quickly.

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“Madison Indiana Courthouse Burns”

The Historic 154 year old Jefferson County Courthouse located in Madison Indiana burned today, no cause has yet been determined but on going construction work is a prime probability, crews were in the process of painting the beautiful building when the fire broke out.

The timing for this couldn’t be any worse, Madison is about to celebrate it’s Bicentennial starting June 6 with many activities scheduled including a reopening of the courthouse. The building was a center piece for the Downtown National Historic District and was an often visited destination for locals and tourists alike. Just this afternoon when my son and I were walking home from school we talked about how beautiful this landmark was and the wonderful gold color they had picked for the renovation.

The only good news to report from this is that there were no major injuries and everyone escaped safely. Hopefully this won’t damper the spirits of the Bicentennial Celebration that is scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks and also maybe they can salvage the building itself, but after witnessing the still smoldering fire tonight that might be a long shot.

Just as a side note Madison has endured it’s share of hardship recently, a couple of years ago two other Historic buildings burnt to the ground and to this day there has been no cause , also last September we lived thru Hurricane Ike with it’s 90 mph winds and then late this winter we were savaged by an ice storm. Kind of a string of bad luck wouldn’t you say, but at least no one has been seriously hurt thru all of this.

I posted a few shots of the fire as it really began to engulf the Bell Tower and firefighters arrived on the scene to begin the process of extinguishing it.

Courthouse Fire 2

Courthouse Fire 1

Courthouse Fire 3

Courthouse Fire 4

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