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“It’s Snowing in Indiana”

Just kidding….This is an image from last winter in Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana, it was a beautiful day with temps not too cold to be out in but cold enough for snow, there was absolutely no noise a perfect day for shooting winter scenes.

I hiked up this creek till a found a suitable spot to capture the depth of the creek and the silence of the woods, I found a boulder midstream and shot about dozen images of this spot. The woods were so silent the only sound was that of my shutter triggering on my camera, it was a wonderful experience, one that every photographer should be able to enjoy.

The image itself was a processed raw file converted to B&W in CS2, I shot it at f/22, with a ss of 1/2 second at iso 100.

Just thought I would post something different, sometimes when I am cruising thru old files it brings back a pleasant memory that I like to relive, thanks for taking a look.



“Tremont Gold”

Have been gone all weekend to see family and celebrate my wifes birthday(won’t divulge age for fear of retribution) but I am dying for some fall color. So I thought I might post a shot from the Tremont section of the Smokies from last fall to try and get a fix for some color.

This was a pretty good day in the park I had searched all day for color and it was pretty sparse but when I came upon this section of the park it made it worth my time and effort. The afternoon light was shining down thru the yellow maple leaves and giving off this golden hue, hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.