Fall Cascade

clifty fall scurve 2 2015

A serene scene from Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana. Warm fall light helps to create a very peaceful mood in this image I captured at the park. There are many much larger and more photogenic falls here but this one always brings me back for a visit because of its solitude and peacefulness it exudes.

Dark Fall

Here is another photo I shot this past fall at Clifty Falls State park near Madison Indiana. With this shot I wanted to try something a bit different with my photography and I think I got it with this one.

Usually Fall photography tends to consist of colorful and vividly striking images, but this one I wanted something a little more dark and foreboding, so I concentrated on just  the trunks of the trees beneath the foliage and stayed away from the beautiful colors that grace the trees this time of year. I also added a slight tilt shift blur to the overall image to come up with I think is a pretty cool image.

So even if you go in into a shoot thinking you have to stick with what nature and all the other photographers are shooting try thinking a little outside of the box and go after that shot that can set you apart from all the other photographers in your area.

Thanks for taking the time stop by and take a look at my blog hope you have a wonderful weekend and get out and get that shot !!


                                                                                                                                                                      fall clifty 2 2012



Ghost face in Creek !!!

This was another shot from last fall at Clifty Falls State Park, I got a little different perspective on this one, looking downstream as the sun was rising on the left side of the image. The light was very warm and pleasant, which gave the image a nice warm glow.

The settings were f/22, at 1/3 second, iso 200.

After this image posted  a large number of people contacted me to ask about the ghost face in the creek. I never even noticed this at first, but after viewing the image again and then going back to the org. raw file there is something definitely there. I am one that doesn’t believe in such things but it definitely makes for good conversation !!


“Tremont Gold”

Have been gone all weekend to see family and celebrate my wifes birthday(won’t divulge age for fear of retribution) but I am dying for some fall color. So I thought I might post a shot from the Tremont section of the Smokies from last fall to try and get a fix for some color.

This was a pretty good day in the park I had searched all day for color and it was pretty sparse but when I came upon this section of the park it made it worth my time and effort. The afternoon light was shining down thru the yellow maple leaves and giving off this golden hue, hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.