Tornado Video

I have seen a few Tornadoes in my life and been very close to a couple big ones, I don’t usually post much about them here because I like to keep my content original. But my son who is a weather freak talked me into posting some for you…so here you go !!


Winter in Madison Indiana

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season, been extremely busy as usual so posts have been staying on the skimpy side lately, but I have been lucky enough to get out and get some nice Winter pics already this year. Our snow totals have already surpassed all of last years total.

Madison Indiana is a great place for photography but add snow to the mix and images take on a new look. With opportunities not only from the downtown Historic District but you also have Clifty Falls State Park and Big Oaks NWR, finding subjects to shoot in this area is not the problem it’s just trying to find the time to get them in !!

Here is a photograph I captured in the Big Oak NWR just north of Madison, I really like the solitary feel to this image and of course it was a perfect subject for a B&W conversion. I love converting to b&w for most of my snow images, the mood you capture with b&W is great but add it to snow and you have  a really wonderful combination !!

Last year was a bust for snow but so far this year has been great and they are calling for snow a couple more times this week. So it looks like I might be able to capture quite a few images that I will be able to share with you . Hope you have wonderful and safe New Years Eve tonight and thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my work !!



                                                                                                                                                                                winter tree