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“Smoky Mountain Wildflowers”

I got an evening off so I thought I might share a photo or two from a recent trip to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park where I was able to capture a quite a few very nice images from the Tennessee Mountains.

It was one of the best  wildflower seasons I ever have been part of here in Madison Indiana and it was no different in the Southern Mountains. Just about every species was in full bloom when I got there and I was able to add some great shots to my portfolio.

Here are a couple shots of Trillium that I was able to capture while I was there..identifying these sometime gets a little tricky so excuse me if I mistake them.

The first one is a Sweet White Trillium followed by a Large Flowering Trillium…hopefully lol !!

So there you go if you got a positive id on these don’t be bashful, let me know so I won’t make that mistake again !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and don’t forget to click on the image for best viewing.


                                                                                                                                                             Sweet White Trillium


                                                                                                                                                                 Large Flowering Trillium

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Madison Indiana Photography

I find it harder and harder to post to this blog anymore  or any of my blogs for that matter, business has been great with the portrait part of my photography but the part I miss the most is the nature side. But that is the side that pays the bills, so I guess I better be careful what I wish for lol !!

Portrait photography has actually been wonderful to do so far, I haven’t ran into that so called Bridezilla or meddling mother yet so I can’t complain too much on that front it’s just being able to spend all the quality time I used to get outside has all but dried up. It doesn’t help that I am still working at the store or that I am still coaching basketball either, but the good thing is I get a little closer everyday to giving up my job I have been at for 33 years and when that happens things should really up time wise for me in a big way !!

I really miss my time in the Smoky mountains, haven’t been on a shooting trip down there for over a year now, maybe if I get caught up this spring I  might get down there for a shoot.

But like I said earlier the portrait part of my photography is doing great and all my clients have been great to work with, I went from 8 weddings last year to already booking 11 for this year and waiting to hear from three more and it’s only January. I would like to be able to do more Senior Pics and it’s getting better this year, and the family and kid sessions are booking up quite well.

So I am very thankful for all my clients and I hope my business keeps growing I just hope to be able to spend a little more time in all the beautiful canyons and gorges that surround my hometown here in Madison Indiana and trip or two down to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park would be pretty nice as well.

Thanks for stopping by and here is a recent example of the work I am doing now, hope you like the image and click on it for a better view !




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