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Madison Indiana Winter

Well it’s been nearly six months since I last a updated this blog,  thinking maybe it’s time for an update, the reason for the absence has not been for lack of photography… on the contrary it’s been too much !!

The portrait business has been doing great, which leaves me little time to go out and shoot the things I really love to shoot, macro,nature and landscape. I was warned by many a photographer that once I went down the road  of portrait photography that this is the result I would receive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I am not exactly making enough income to support a family with it but for a part time job it is pretty amazing.  So I guess big decisions are going to have to be forth coming, I don’t want to give up on the portrait business it is a really nice gig, but I am missing my time spent outdoors.  So somehow I have to find some type of balance between the two before  I go crazy lol !!

In the the meantime here are couple of shots I captured of the winter blast we endured here in Madison Indian a couple weeks back. I love converting winter images to black & white since the scene is already in monotone, so I converted these images and liked the results.

Hopefully I will figure out  away to live in both worlds of photography and maybe update my blog a little more, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

                                                                                                                                                                              madison frost 5 2013

                                                                                                                                                           river wind chill 2 2014


New Snow

Here is another shot from one of our recent snows, this shot came from Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana,  the south road that leads up from the Ohio River Valley into the park was shrouded in a cathedral of snow which made for a great image.

The wind was very still which left  about 4 inches of wet snow clinging to all the tree branches the effect of this is really beautiful and makes for a great photograph.  What I am looking for now is a bit of a thaw followed by heavy snow, this will fill up the creeks and waterfalls at Clifty and then with snow on top of that you can’t ask for better winter photographic opportunities, but I am sure I am asking for too much !!

As long as it doesn’t get too cold this is another one of my favorite times of the year to get out and shoot it’s when the thermometer starts dropping toward that zero mark is when I will pack it and just watch basketball in the warmth of my home lol !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and when the next snow comes be sure to get out with your camera and find someplace to go for hike, you can come with some really beautiful images !!



                                                                                                                                                                                          winter 2 2012





Winter in Madison Indiana

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season, been extremely busy as usual so posts have been staying on the skimpy side lately, but I have been lucky enough to get out and get some nice Winter pics already this year. Our snow totals have already surpassed all of last years total.

Madison Indiana is a great place for photography but add snow to the mix and images take on a new look. With opportunities not only from the downtown Historic District but you also have Clifty Falls State Park and Big Oaks NWR, finding subjects to shoot in this area is not the problem it’s just trying to find the time to get them in !!

Here is a photograph I captured in the Big Oak NWR just north of Madison, I really like the solitary feel to this image and of course it was a perfect subject for a B&W conversion. I love converting to b&w for most of my snow images, the mood you capture with b&W is great but add it to snow and you have  a really wonderful combination !!

Last year was a bust for snow but so far this year has been great and they are calling for snow a couple more times this week. So it looks like I might be able to capture quite a few images that I will be able to share with you . Hope you have wonderful and safe New Years Eve tonight and thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my work !!



                                                                                                                                                                                winter tree


“Snowstorm Hits Madison Indiana”

Yep you heard it right  a snowstorm has hit Southern Indiana with bone chilling winds, knee deep snow and temps that would freeze even the hardiest soul. The storm has become so bad that even the annual Madison Regatta has been cancelled due to the river being frozen solid, if you don’t believe me just step outside and take a look for yourself !!

Okay now that I have that out of my system I can honestly say BRING ON WINTER !!! …Well as long as it doesn’t get too cold but hell right now a foot of snow and sub freezing temps would send a tingle down my leg.

The annual Madison Indiana Regatta is this weekend and chances are that one less person will be attending, mainly me, just too hot and actually if it was cooler I would still be stuck behind my monitor trying to catch up on the weddings I have shot so far this year. I still might sneak away for a drink or two with friends just to keep from going stir crazy here in my office though 😉

But on the positive side  it’s kinda cool here in my studio, just hate to open  up the Duke Energy bill in a few weeks, probably have to get a job just to pay this months bill off !!

Well I guess it’s back to editing more images, hopefully everyone attending the Regatta this weekend will dress accordingly I know how tough these frigid temps can be on you !!




“It’s Snowing in Indiana”

Just kidding….This is an image from last winter in Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana, it was a beautiful day with temps not too cold to be out in but cold enough for snow, there was absolutely no noise a perfect day for shooting winter scenes.

I hiked up this creek till a found a suitable spot to capture the depth of the creek and the silence of the woods, I found a boulder midstream and shot about dozen images of this spot. The woods were so silent the only sound was that of my shutter triggering on my camera, it was a wonderful experience, one that every photographer should be able to enjoy.

The image itself was a processed raw file converted to B&W in CS2, I shot it at f/22, with a ss of 1/2 second at iso 100.

Just thought I would post something different, sometimes when I am cruising thru old files it brings back a pleasant memory that I like to relive, thanks for taking a look.