“Tornadoes Devastate Southern Indiana”

Usually when I post to this blog it’s about natures beauty, but today we will talk about the ugly and powerful side of Nature. Late this afternoon a probable F4 Tornado cut a path of destruction across southern Indiana, beginning near Palmyra Indiana then slashing thru the Indiana countryside before it crossed the Ohio River near Madison and took it’s destruction into Trimble County Kentucky before it dissipated.

So far the storm has left 4 dead in our county, three to county to our west and two more from a storm to our north with the death toll expected to rise. This was horrible day for the surrounding area and my heart and prayers go out for the ones who suffered the most thru this disaster.

What was the strangest part of the day for me was the all of the eerie parallels with the April 3 1974 outbreak that devastated this area as well. For starters I remember my father picking me up from school just as the storm was bearing down on the area as I did my son today and we were about the same age as well. The storm began it’s path of destruction in Palmyra as this one did as well, the storm also moved thru Chelsea doing damage  just like today.

The big difference was that today’s storm kept traveling east into Kentucky but in 74 it turned farther Northeast making its way to Hanover and Madison doing horrific damage.

After picking my son up from school we weren’t sure where to go for cover or to escape, we traveled around the Madison hilltop looking for a vantage point to view the storm, I found a place to pull off and observe the rotating supercell that was moving towards our area. i saw that storm was traveling east into Kentucky and then began our trek home, at this point the most surreal thing I ever witnessed took place as were driving thru North Madison I saw what looked like pink balloons floating down our of the sky, quickly I knew what we were seeing  was insulation debris being thrown out of the top of the storm and onto the round.

But we saw next was even more astounding  what looked big sheets of paper floating from the sky, but as they grew close and began falling faster we realized that this paper was sheet metal and plywood and big chunks of at that. We actually came across one so big that it blocked the road and people got out of the car in front of us to move out of the way !!

Finally making our way home and making sure my wife who works at the local Hospital was alright we then learn the grim news that Henryville Indiana had been nearly destroyed by the same Tornado, Henryville happens to be the home of my sister and her kids and for over an hour the news wasn’t good and we began to fear the worse. But after countless communication problems we were able to find out that all family members were accounted for and healthy. But my nieces newly bought home had significant damage but they were not there at the time so they were okay.

So after 40 years a very strong Tornado misses me to north by a couple of miles and now to south by a few, and God willing there won’t be a third. the other thing about today was during this whole ordeal all my camera equipment was back at my studio and not once did I even think about going back and getting it…I guess there were a few things more important on my mind.

If I can get this posted I do have few videos I found of the storms that other people have posted if I can get them to work !!