Monthly Archives: February 2009

” Fall Reflections “

I thought I would post another impressionistic shot from last fall.  I got this one at The Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge one fall evening, the sun was setting over my shoulder and the light and the bronze leaves gave it this copper color, I liked the impressionistic look it took on after I was done with the post processing.

I thought I might see what your thoughts on it were, tanks fro taking a look and stopping by !!



” Pastel Stamen “

I thought I might post something a little warmer than I have lately, things have quieted down recently but the cold has returned, this is a shot of a lily stamen shot  in macro mode. I used my Sigma 150 with an additional ext. tube to get the desired result for this image. It was shot 2.8 to get the blurred background along with the soft appearance in the color.

I figure in about another month the temperatures should increase enough to bring on early wildflowers. I don’t think moisture will be a problem this year as we have gotten quite a bit of rain and snow over the winter. Now if the temperatures would start to warm things would be well on their way to spring, I have noticed quite a few geese and cranes flying back north, hopefully that is a good sign.

Hope you enjoy the image it was a nice diversion from the cold winter we are experiencing, thanks for stopping by !!


” Winter Creek “

Another shot from the ice storm we experienced a couple weeks ago,  temperatures have now rebounded and it looks like we are in for a bout of heavy rain and thunderstorms, I will take that over winter weather anytime !!

It’s hard to believe but people are still without power in south central Kentucky and it could take another ten days to get all the power back up,  back here at home things are back to normal,  in about another month I could actually be shooting early season wildflowers…. I can’t tell you how ready I am !!

This is a shot from a bridge overlooking Big Creek here in the Madison Indiana area, I really liked this as a b&w and the curve in the creek is kinda neat, I drove around for few hours looking for comps in the snow and ice and came up with a couple that I enjoyed.  The ice storm brought a lot of beauty too the area but I am ready for the color and warmth of spring, I don’t find much color in winter so I convert just about all of it to b&w I guess it reflects my state of mind about the season !!

I am sure just about everyone else is tiring of winter as well so I won’t bore you with my complaining too much, hopefully wherever you are is beginning to make the turn towards warmer weather and the beauty of spring, hang in there it is just around the corner !!


” Ice Berry “

Another shot from the ice storm of last week, things here in Madison have gotten back to normal,  but many counties in Kentucky are still without power.  Last night we got another 4 inches of snow with wind chills below zero…If you want to call that normal !

Still no school today and I am really starting to get cabin fever, I make a few trips out in the cold for a few shots but I really need spring to get here soon or I am going to drive my family nuts !  The weatherman is saying a few more days of cold followed by a nice warm-up, up to 45 degrees WOW,  and then to finish the month with more heavy snow and cold. The good thing is spring is less than 50 days away and hopefully I can get out and shoot wildflowers by the end of March !

The image you see is from some kind of decorative bush growing along the river walk here, I thought the warm reds and cool ice made a great contrast,  it was not an easy image to get with the wind blowing as hard as it was but it turned out alright and was worth the trip out to get it. There have been a bunch of wonderful scenes I have had the opportunity to shoot and I have captured a few nice ones but I will take warm weather photography over cold weather anytime !

Like I said there isn’t a whole lot of winter left and I can only hope it gets a little warmer and drier so I can get out of the house before I go nuts,  thanks for stopping by and having a look !!