“Spring Has Sprung in Madison Indiana”

Finally after a long cold winter spring is finally gracing us with it’s presence. Have not been blogging much lately, the long winter and work have kept me from posting or visiting other blogs, I always say I am going to to try to do better in that regard but always seem to come up short, so once again I will try too do better now !!

I have been able to go out and get some wildflower shots this past week, the hills and canyons that surround my hometown of Madison are bursting with vibrant colors and it looks to be a great flower season this year. My only disappointment so far has been with the Bloodroot which have had spotted and falling petals which has diminished the beauty of this little early wildflower.

The Hepatica, Spring Beauties  and Rue Anemone have all been quite plentiful this year along with an abundance of Virginia Bluebells  has got me hiking the deeply shadowed gorges and cliff lines in search of the perfect specimens to fill my card with.  It has been a little cold and windy but so far the weather hasn’t put too much of a damper on my excursions into the woods.

I think I will try and post an image every day or so just to give you an idea of the beauty that surrounds my area, I will start with this closeup of a Virginia Bluebell that I shot at Clifty Falls State Park yesterday morning, like I said earlier this year seems to have an abundance of Bluebells more than I have seen in years past, I shot this with a Macro Lens so I could show you the intricate details and color in this flower.

As the week and season progresses I will share more of my images with you and hopefully be able to fully illustrate the beauty that can be found close to home along with the wonderful scenes that you can witnesses on a short hike or drive from your own home. I hope you enjoy my images and I hope you have a great day as well !!



25 thoughts on ““Spring Has Sprung in Madison Indiana”

  1. hhansen88

    That is a gorgeous flower, and I am so envious of you because you get to see flowers. I’m from Northern Minnesota and it snowed again yesterday. Could I link to this blog a blog of mine to make my fellow Minnesotan bloggers as envious as me?


  2. Bo

    You have wildflowers!!! I hope you are able to post them frequently. I am so in need of color, and Wisconsin seems to be hanging on to it’s brown (mixed with the white of snow) longer than necessary.

    Gorgeous blues in this one!

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  4. Bernie Kasper Post author

    I shot these on the trail right below the inn where the overlook tower of the Ohio River is, the trail I believe is trail two and it leads down too the creek and these flowers are along the trail.

  5. Lana

    Wow…I’m absolutely in love with that photo! Sorry about the bloodroot–that IS such a lovely flower (when in good condition.)

  6. Cindy

    one of my favorite wilflowers coach, and a wonderful image. Not much is blooming up here yet, but I hope to see all that you mention very soon. Spring is such a great season!


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